LIROS Green Wave®


Sustainable action and fair, environmentally conscious management is one of the biggest challenges of our time.

At LIROS it's corporate philosophy – the label LIROS Green Wave® is at the same time seal of approval, concept and binding mission statement for corporate action as the harmonisation of ecology and economy, that takes responsibility in it's entirety both for the environment and the population.



Production and consumption of energy has major ecological and social impacts.
As a company we are responsible for using energy as sparingly as possible and using alternative sources.


For environmental protection LIROS aligns the actions consequentely on climate neutrality in all areas.



Recycling of materials saves fossil resources and reduces CO2 emissions in production of materials.


The LIROS Rope Recycling Box provides the opportunity at all LIROS Green Wave® specialist dealers, to dispose old LIROS ropes and enter them into the recycling loop.









LIROS is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015


This norm evidences an effective environmental protection management system in all relevant divisions.


Photovoltaics at LIROS


The entire company location in Berg in Upper Franconia with it's the state-­of­-the­-art machine park is heated by the waste heat of a biogas reactor in the neighborhood.


An in-house photovoltaic system guarantees a completely CO2-free power supply of the rope production with self-generated solar energy.



LIROS produces as an outdoor supplier for climate friendly sports, for example sailing, paragliding or kiting.


But as well as a supplier of extremely lightweight and highstrength components for the industry LIROS takes an active part in reducing the world-wide CO2 emissions.

LIROS consistently pursues the goal to ensure fair production conditions and a sustainable management of pollutants and chemicals in the production chain.

In the area of high-tenacity fibres for example, as special ecological alternative "bio-based" Dyneema® of DSM is used.


Recycling of LIROS ropes

With the help of recycling we want to actively contribute to environmental protection. That's why we provide the LIROS recycling service to our customers.
We guarantuee the environmentally friendly recycling of LIROS ropes and can ensure the recycling of a majority of your ropes.

Step 1:

Our yarn supplier delivers our materials for all LIROS products that we are producing at our production site in Berg.

Step 2:

With the delivered products we produce our complete product range for our customers.

Step 3:

From our company building in Berg our products will be shipped worldwide to the LIROS customers.

Step 4:

Would our products no longer be able to meet future demands of safety standards, our customers may send the products back to us.


Step 5:

We separate the end-of-life products professionally in their different components.

Step 6:

With our mechanical and environmentally conscious textile recycling the materials upgraded again.

Step 7:

With the newfound materials new products will be produced, like for example nonwovens, yarns or insulation materials.