Soft Shackle 1t
Item No.
Default condition
piece (piece)
Breaking Strength daN
- No damages on deck or risk of injuries when operating by flapping metal parts
- 10 x lighter than steel shackles at same breaking strength
- Easy and intuitive handling
- self-locking construction under load
- easy to open after use with high loads
- original LIROS high quality
- suitable for many applications in sectors industry, offroad and outdoor

Fastening sheets, shackle halyards, fix blocks - the LIROS XTR Soft Shackle is the solution! 100 % made of high-strength fiber Dyneema® SK78, replaces heavy metal shackles on deck. Easy and fast opening, thanks to the blue „LIROS ribbon“ with breaking strength information.

Not certified for lifting loads and personal security!

Safety factor 2:1
Material & Construction
Material: Dyneema® SK78