Offroad Winch Rope, 6mm, 20m
Length: 20m; for winch: 1,3t
Item No.
Default condition
piece (piece)
6.00 mm

• working stretch < 1 %
• extremely high breaking load with smallest diameter and lowest weight
• Two 1 m protective jackets
• ideal replacement for steel cable
• very easy to splice
• high UV stability and abrasion resistance
• LIROS Heat-Stretch-System

Variant: Offroad Winch Rope, 6mm,20m, carbongrey

Specially-designed recovery rope for extreme winch applications.
Perfect replacement for wire cable.
Strong and 10x lighter than steel, LIROS Offroad Winch Rope offers
perfect performance and safety.
Ready-to-use: carabine hook on one end, plus 2 movable
protective jackets for friction points.
Winchend: special flat terminal for winch drum attachment,
protected by 3 m heat resistant monofilament braid.

Material and Construction

Material: ultrahigh-strength HMPE