Felling Aid Rope, 10 mm, 9m
FTF 2,5t / eye splice on both ends
Item No.
Breaking Strength daN
10.00 mm

• working stretch < 1%
• with FTF-label 2,5 t
• available length: 9, 12, 15, 20, 30 and 40 m
• extremely abrasion resistant PES-Vectran protective cover
• eye splice on both ends (length 200 mm)
• long service life
• extremely low weight at high breaking strength


Our very low weight and abrasion resistant PES-Vectran® Felling Aid Rope / Tree Towing Rope is manufactured with extremely low stretch HMPE-core.

The indicated 'Forest Tractive Force' (FTF) on the respective Felling Aid Rope resembles the maximum traction of your forestry windlass.

Material & Construction

Cover: 50% Vectran® / 50% Polyester 32-plaited
Construction: 32-plaited
Core: Dyneema® SK78 with XTR-Grip-Coating Silver