DC 500
12-braided / app. Ø 2,05 mm
Item No.
Default condition
SP (Reel)
Strain fracture load
Breaking Strength daN
2.05 mm

• app. Ø 2,05 mm
• easy to splice
• unmatched precision in kite control
• excellent dimensional stability
• LIROS Heat-Stretch-System

LIROS Flightsport lines may come six pieces to a spool.
No line will be shorter than 25 m.


High-performance, 100% Dyneema® SK75 kiteline.

Unmatched ratio between diameter and breaking strength. LIROS DC is perfect for use as flying or bridle line. Extremely low drag values and maximum performance for the kiter.

Excellent dimensional stability even after highest stress.

Delivers best in kite performance and durable precise control of the sporting equipment.

Material and Construction

Material: pre-stretched, coated Dyneema® SK75
Construction: 12-braided