D-Steel, 8 mm
12-plaited, heat set and coated
Item No.
Default condition
SP (Reel)
Breaking Strength daN
8.00 mm
- working stretch < 1 %
- very high breaking load with smallest diameter and lowest weight
- first choice for all applications with extreme loads
- 10 x lighter than steel
- excellent spliceability, can also be used with cover
- high UV stability and durability
- water repellent
- LIROS Heat-Stretch-System

Variant: D-Steel, 8mm,carbongrey
With this line LIROS guarantees highest breaking stength and lowest elongation values with all diameters, best abrasion resistance, low weight and easy spliceablility. Enabling new and innovative solutions in forestry and arboriculture. Optimal as replacement of steel ropes in various technical applications.
Material and Construction
Material: ultrahigh-strength HMPE
Construction: 12-plaited, heat set and coated