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LIROS supports research project of Trier University

The science department mechanical engineering of Trier University and the Institute for Ancient History Alte of Trier University pursue joint research for determining the performance of seaworthy roman (trading) sailing ships.

After a construction period of three years the exact reconstruction of such a sailing ship was finished, and now the sailing properties will be tested. The current sailing test's goal is to record measurement data with modern nautic instruments about the performance of such an ancient sailing ship, for winning conclusions about the potential and the intensity of the roman maritime trade 2000 years ago.

As the general basis for the flow simulation of the ship's hull, the water resistance had to be captured within different towing speeds and different loads.
LIROS supported the project with a 70 metres long floatable towing line. An axial force sensor was integrated for measuring the water resistance of the roman ship. The length of the line was specifically chosen, that the towboat's wake wouldn't affect the measurements.

The first tow tests were successfully completed by now, so that the first virtual animations were created within the basis of the values measured.
From spring 2022 new tow tests with other roman ship models are planned – herewith the new LIROS towing line would then be deployed.