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LIROS 01508 D-Pro Vision used as a slackline transport rope!

On Sunday, July 4th, 2021, Quirin Herterich managed the world's longest fall-free first ascent of a 2130m long highline over the so-called Lapp-Porten (=gateway to Lapland) - that's a world record!

The Upper Bavarian has specialized in alpine demanding and very long highlines and has found the perfect mountain in Lapp-porten ("Gateway to Lapland"), which fulfills all the requirements for a world record. Two whole days were needed to connect the two anchors to the slackline and then to tension it properly. Due to the extreme length and height of the gorge, the team had to equip themselves with special equipment and custom-made products in order to tension the slackline at all. The LIROS 01508 D-Pro Vision was used as a transport line!

With a height of 600m and a length of 2130m, the line is unique in the world and can be seen as a milestone in the history of the sport. For the world record attempt, the extreme athletes chose the Abisko National Park in the far north of Sweden – where the sun never sets in summer.