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Three sailing medals in Tokyo!

The German Sailing Team performed strongly at the Olympic Games in Tokyo and won one silver- and two bronze medals – as official rope supplier we are really proud of the achieved results!

DSV chairman Mona Küppers: „Thanks to years of hard work, convincing concepts and good teamwork finally paid off and had proven successful. As German Sailing Federation we couldn't be more proud of our sportsmen and sportswomen. They showed all nations, Germany's strength in sailing sports.“

Torsten Haverland, DSV vice president and responsible for the division olympic sailing and youth competitive sports was impressed by the olympic athletes' performance. „Our clear objective in this year was at least one medal. The fact of winning three in the end, exceeded all of our expectations.“
Nice for him to see was the team's development since the last olympic games. „What already was imminent since Rio 2016, was even more clearly visible in Tokio: all our olympic participants are confident and started with a great deal of trust in themselves. All of them showed in the competitions: we belong to the world elite and are able to keep up with the frontrunners.“