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Voici les denières nouveautés chez LIROS

LIROS 01513 Magic XTR main sheet

Hardly a sailing discipline is currently developing so rapidly like foiling, what is sailing on wings (aka foils). Inspired by developments out of the America‘s Cup the olympic committee reacts and affiliated with Foiling Nacra 17 Catamaran a mixed discipline in the olympic program Tokyo 2020.

Carolina Werner and I face the new challenges of this discipline, to pursue in the social media channels with #reloadsailing.

Through the fast speeds (currently up to 28 kn) and the occurring enormous power, the aspiration esspecially to the ropes and blocks increases with this new kind of sailing. Conventional materials showed massive wear in the first months of training. We quickly figured out, that we have to minimize the energy and time for maintenance work and have to rely 100 % on our material, for eliminating the risk of falls and injuries. Our partner LIROS was enthousiastic from the outset and the LIROS team supports us at every time with their competence as manufacturers.

A prominent example is the perfecting our Nacra main sheet. At high speeds between 6 kn and 28 kn the strain on this significant trim position is very versatile. Like ice sailing the powers of the invading apparentely wind increase exponentially and make extreme demands to force absorption, wear and handling of the ropes in use.

After diverse tests we decided to use the newly developed Harken 12:1 Catamaran main sheet  system with ceramic bearings. Now the challenge was to optimize the perfect sheet.

The challenge, that the sheet will be driven approx. 4 hours per day with full commitment out of the trapeze and this on approx. 230 sailing days per year, make highest demands regarding the material's reliability. Minimal fatigue of the crew, optimal feeling for the sail and maximum durability of cover and core were the premises.

Factors like minimal reck and abrasion, the possibility of tapering (minimal friction in the rolls at maximum grip in the hand), variability of lengths (different mast rakes), thereby minimal weight and reproducibility were the targets for the LIROS specialists. Again and again we optimized and reworked in teamwork. Different covers, rounder core, fitting tapering, etc.

Now short before the start of the european world cup 2019 and in preparation for the olympic qualifier races we can say, that we found the perfect main sheet together with LIROS. Three copies are ready to use, so the issue is out of our heads and we can fully concentrate on strategy, tactics and opponent.
The LIROS Magic XTR main sheet is tapered on one end and manufactured with a special core, on the other end it has a tapered buttercup for maximum weight reduction. The diameter is 6mm, the length will be individualized by the LIROS expert splicers depending on the commission.
Because of the Technora® / Dyneema® mix the LIROS Magic XTR has a very grippy and extremely long lived cover with best cut- and sixfold abrasion resistance compared to previously used polyester sheets.

I recommend the LIROS Magic XTR all-out for the use on all racing and beach catamarans, esspecially combined with the Harken 12:1 catamaran system.

Johannes Polgar