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Jimmy Green Marine's product review LIROS DynaSoft

Jimmy Green Marine has kindly been testing one of the versatile ropes for dinghy racing in the LIROS range and here is what they have said:

LIROS DynaSoft

"We were given a sample of this rope to use as both our jib and our main sheet. Our first impressions of the rope were that it was lightweight and flexible, but we weren't sure how durable it was going to be due to its soft construction. We wanted a sheet that lasted well but also stayed soft and supple over time, which is particularly important due to the constant use of a sheet rope.

The rope is nice to handle and has minimal water absorption due to the dyneema/polyester blend and polypropylene core. Initially the rope fluffed up on the section which passes the ratchet block most frequently, however after this initial aesthetic change the rope has remained similar in appearance.
The DynaSoft rope performs very well through blocks and in cleats.

The Liros DynaSoft is an ideal sheet rope for any racing or cruising dinghy and will provide comfort for handling whilst also giving good grip and performance in times of need."