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Explorer-Test: LIROS towing ropes were rated as "Very Good"!

The summer edition 2017 of the german Explorer Magazine includes a test report about towing ropes. For us the LIROS Offroad Kinetic and LIROS Offroad Elastic started in the race and took excellent second and third places.

The LIROS Offroad Kinetic reached 150 of possible 180 points (test rating: very good), the LIROS Offroad Elastic 135 of 180 (test rating: very good). The testers came to the final conclusion, that the LIROS Offroad Kinetic even would have taken the first place, if abrasive wear would have been an evaluation criterion.

By the way: in this test six of nine competing products did not reach their specified breaking load, some were about 14% below. All in all two downright recommendations for LIROS offroad towing ropes!
Please find a video with some insight in the testing laboratory online at