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Morten Bogacki ranked 3rd in Mini Transat 2019!

In his first Mini Transat 2019 Morten Bogacki crossed the 2nd leg's finish line ranking 3rd proto in Le Marin!

Bogacki comes out of nowhere to stake his claim. After a disappointing 11th place in Las Palmas, the German sailor Morten Bogacki recovered in style to finish 3rd in Le Marin and in overall ranking.
The 33-year-old sailor is the great surprise in the prototype category of this 22nd edition."

After 14 days across the Atlantic and 3000 sm, 16,5 h leeway had been cleared to 19 minutes lead. And that means rank 3 over all for Bogacki and the Lilienthal!

LIROS is official supporter of the Offshore Team Germany!