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In a festive athmosphere LIROS celebrated the jubilees of four employees of outstanding merits. 

Helmut Wehrmann (Accounting, 45 years), Jürgen Munzert (Meister Seilerei/Zwinerei, 40 years), Michael Porst (Zwirner, 40 years) and Petra Einsiedel (confectioner, 25 years) have now been honoured for their long-standing loyalty.

f.l.t.r. Michael Porst, Jürgen Munzert, Petra Einsiedel, LIROS director Sven Rosenberger and Helmut Wehrmann.

Further anniversaries are Jörg Wagner and Rainer Klug (30 years), Sonja Lehmann (20 years) and Christine Schättler and Beate Heberlein (15 years).